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A strategic communications consultancy for the real estate and built environment sector

We help our clients to navigate the politics of property – to secure a planning permission, promote strategic land or protect an asset from unwelcome competition.

Who we are

We are trusted advisors to some of the largest businesses in the real estate and built environment sector.


Our team has worked on hundreds of development projects across the UK, Europe, and North America, from major residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes, to infrastructure (NSIPs), minerals and large strategic land allocations.  


Planning permissions and strategic land allocations

Using detailed research and local insight we deliver bespoke strategies to help our clients get the decision they want, in the timescale they need – whether at local, regional or national government level.

We provide support at every stage of a project – facilitating early engagement with decision-makers, organising consultations that create trust with communities, and identifying and mobilising local support.

Due diligence

Understanding at an early stage the political and stakeholder environment surrounding a development site or property asset can help to de-risk an investment or strengthen a bid.

We provide both high level political appraisals and early threat assessments, and more detailed analysis of the views, priorities and motivations of key decision-makers, allowing evidence-based decisions to be made. 


Asset protection

Through targeted engagement programmes and digital campaigns, we help protect our clients' property assets from unwelcome competition.

Construction communications

The need to carefully manage communications for development projects does not end with a planning permission.


We help our clients to keep key local stakeholders and the wider community informed and engaged at every stage, from demolition through to construction – minimising delays and protecting reputation.

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