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General Election Week 4 – The ‘cut throughs’

As the Euro footie TV obsession heats up, cut through campaign moments are going to become fewer for sure. So what did make the grade this week?

There are several candidates but the REC team think that only one really stands out and has any chance of being remembered by polling day: the day the Tories gave up.

That was the moment when Grant Shapps just said out loud what every Tory MP has been thinking: ‘please don’t absolutely kill us’! It was couched in somewhat different terms of course, some waffle about giving Labour a supermajority. But then he doubled down on that initial comment a few days later and admitted that ‘I’m a realist, the Tories can’t win’.

What has got into Grant Shapps? All this truth telling. It’s going to get him into trouble.

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